About Jeff:

Jeff was born and raised in New Castle, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh. Jeff discovered the "joys of math" at an early age. His dad and sister are both engineers, and there are many engineers in his extended family, so it was only natural that he pursue a math-oriented career. "Thank God my mom is a nurse. She provides some balance in this family."

Western Pennsylvania is known for its sports, and Jeff was involved in many sports activities. He played baseball and football beginning at the age of nine until he graduated from high school. By his senior year, his school had won both a baseball and a football championship. (A feat which has yet to be repeated!) Jeff also has many hobbies, one of which is playing and collecting guitars. "You'd be amazed how much math there is in music theory. For a long time, basic chord construction was a mystery to me. When I learned about its strong connection to math, it clicked!"

Jeff attended Neshannock High School (Go Lancers!) in New Castle where he took many math classes. "The teachers were excellent and the math courses were better than the other schools in the tri-county area. A few students from nearby schools would come to Neshannock just for math! Mr. Englehart (Algebra), Mr. Elder (Geometry) and Miss Otto (Trigonometry, Elementary functions and Calculus) established a strong math foundation. I owe a lot to my parents too. They were always there to help and to get me back on track."

After graduating from Neshannock High School, Jeff continued his education at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio where he pursued a degree in Civil Engineering. It was here that Jeff began his "tutoring career". While at the University, he tutored other students in calculus and many of the core engineering courses. "I've found that many of the professors present material in the same way; that method works for some students but not everyone. Each student learns differently, and I try to find what method works best for them. Sometimes it takes a few different approaches to find out what works best."

Shortly after graduating from Dayton, Jeff moved to Chicago where he worked as a structural engineer for a large nuclear engineering company. A year later, he began working at an architectural/engineering firm in Chicago. It was there that Jeff decided to go back to school to pursue a master's degree in business at Loyola University in Chicago. "It never hurts to diversify your education. You never know what the economy will do in the future." While at the firm, Jeff was involved with writing computer programming applications for structural analysis and computer-aided design. "I was amazed by what the programs could do and I was fascinated by all the applied math and the sophisticated algorithms." Jeff was so intrigued by the programming experience that he received a master's degree in computer science at DePaul University in Chicago. "No matter what the economy does, math and computers are here to stay! Sometime in the not-too-distant future, everyone will need to have a basic math background. My goal is to pass along what I've learned to those interested in taking math, personally or professionally, to the next level."